If you choose Novacarta, your organization will be supporting children and teenagers and you will be advocating quality of life in families affected by cancer. With your help, we will be promoting a better knowledge and understanding of cancer to those in need.

Establish a partnership with us!

  • If you are a hospital, clinic or institution working on cancer, finance the printing of the book for your own patients and promote: Lia and the peas or What is cancer?
  • If you are a medical doctor or practitioner, help a patient to order a book with the right options in Order.
  • If you are an organization or a non-profit organization working on cancer, finance the printing and the distribution of the book for families affected by cancer.By supporting Novacarta, your organization helps keep our web platform updated and more

Your philanthropy action will allow Novacarta to continue the development of other important educational projects and books.

Your benefits

If you become a partner, Novacarta will give you exclusivity to insert your logo on the back cover of all ordered books.  Furthermore, your logo will be showcased on our home page

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